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In the history of human evolution, there are milestones that have transformed culture and generated changes in all disciplines, activities and the way people live. Today, artificial intelligence (AI), associated with large volumes of data, opens a new scenario that generates changes of great impact in all areas of human life. As a leader in Digital Government, Uruguay has identified this trend in advance and is currently preparing to incorporate AI to the Digital Government. Within that context, Uruguay has defined the goals and objectives for its digital development in the Uruguay Digital Agenda 20201 and in the 2018-20202 Digital Government Plan.

Both documents, which are based on the principle of digital transformation with equity, provide a framework to incorporate AI at different levels of government. One of the dimensions established in the Digital Government Plan is the Smart Government, which strengthens decision making by basing decisions on evidence and improves the performance and monitoring of public policy results. In addition, it includes the development of predictive analytical platforms and models to design proactive services.

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